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How to drop your medical marijuana physician

Below are instructions to drop your previous medical marijuana physician. If you are changing medical marijuana doctors this is necessary before the new doctor can write you new medical marijuana recommendations.

  1. Open the the mmu registry at mmuregistry.flhealth.gov/
  2. Click on blue menu button

  3. Click log in: if you remember password log in

  4. Enter your email and password

  5. Click the login button

  6. Enter Password

    - Must be 10 characters

    - Must have at least 1 uppercase letter

    - Must have at least 1 lowercase letters

    - Must have at least 1 number

    - Must have at least 1 special character

  7. Click the blue menu button

  8. Click “your profile”

  9. Scroll down until you see the “leave your current physician” button

  10. Make sure in the physician line it says “no current physician”

Your are all set!

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