How do I get a medical marijuana card?

Florida Residents and Seasonal Residents Qualify

Here are the steps

  • Be diagnosed with a qualifying condition
  • Schedule a visit with our licensed physician
  • Come in for a visit
  • Fill out a patient packet, medical records are not required, you fill out and attest to your medical history.
  • See the doctor and discuss your qualifying medical condition, symptoms and best treatment options
  • If recommended we register for a patient number on the registry and help with the application process.
  • Approvals take up to 5 business days. When approved the Florida Health Department/MMU Registry will send you an email informing you of approval.
  • After being approved you can go to the dispensary and purchase products. You will need your ID or driver’s license until you receive your physical card in the mail.
After you pay for the visit we enter your info into the state registry as part of the application process. Within minutes you will receive an email from the Florida Department Of Health Medical Marijuana Use Registry You click the link and supply answers to the prompts. Most patients do this in our office so we can help out with questions or problems.

You click the link and answer a few questions. Most patients do this in our office so we can help out with questions or problems.

Next you pay the $75 state app fee to this site. Now your application is submitted!!

As long as there are no issues you will receive your approval within 5 business days. The registry will notify you of your approval by email.

At this time the dispensaries will be able to pull you up in their system so you can go and pick up prescriptions with your Driver's License. You will receive a hard copy of your Medical Marijuana Card within 30 days in the mail

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Medical marijuana in Florida became legal in 2017. It was written into law that it could be prescribed for specific conditions plus any condition that is of the same like and class.

The law states that a licensed medical marijuana physician must approve patients for cannabis use and write prescriptions. The patient must see the doctor every 210 days and complete a renewal application to renew prescriptions. This can be your diagnosing doctor or it may not.

What qualifies you for medical Marijuana in FL?

  • Cancer

  • Epilepsy

  • Chronic Pain,conditions apply

  • Glaucoma


  • PTSD,Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

  • ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

  • Crohn's Disease

  • Parkisons's Disease

  • MS,Multiple Sclerosis

  • Conditions that are comparable to the other qualifying conditions or of the same class.

  • A terminal condition diagnosed by another doctor. Not the medical marijuana doctor.

Seasonal or permanent residents qualify

Seasonal or permanent residents qualify for medical marijuana. If you are a permanent resident the registry pulls all your info from the dmv and you must have a valid ID to get approved. If you are a seasonal resident you need to provide two physical forms of proof of residency.

Proofs of residence include: Bank Statement, Tax forms, Lease, Mortgage...

Risk Free Consultation

Only pay if recommended and apply for the medical marijuana card

New Applications

For people new to medical marijuana


  • 210 days worth of prescriptions
  • All routes
  • All dispensaries
  • $75 annual card fee not included, paid separately to the state.


    For returning patients


  • 210 days worth of prescriptions
  • All routes
  • All dispensaries
  • Dr. Transfer

    For patients looking for a new doctor


  • 210 days worth of prescriptions
  • All routes
  • All dispensaries
  • Download our guide

    It contains everything you need to know about obtaining medical marijuana.