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How Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors started.

Our story

In 2018 it became clear that a major change was needed. Medical Marijuana was becoming more readily available, but there were three serious issues affecting those seeking Medical Marijuana Cards.

  • 1. There was a lack of access to clear and up to date knowledge concerning eligibility for a Florida medical marijuana card.
  • 2. There was a lack of access to an affordable and simple route to obtaining a Florida medical marijuana card. At the time most people’s insurance did not cover the cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card, or medical marijuana itself. (And this is still true today).
  • 3. There was a lack of access to affordable repeat prescriptions for those who already had a Florida medical marijuana card.
  • We wanted to change that so, in the Fall of 2018, we formed Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors and revolutionized the way Florida residents and ‘Snowbirds’ obtained their medical marijuana cards and repeat prescriptions.

    Today Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors is the go-to solution for permanent and seasonal Florida residents, as well as ‘Snowbirds’ looking for a fast, simple, and no-risk route to obtaining a Florida medical marijuana card.

    Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors also provide prescriptions, refills, and 210-day mandatory check ups.

Our Values


Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors provide honest, up to date, advice on eligibility for Florida Medical Marijuana Cards.


Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors are 100% Florida State Certified and experts in medical marijuana and its uses as a medicinal drug. Our services are discrete and we take your privacy very seriously.


Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors’ pricing is always upfront so you know exactly how much you pay. Not only are there no hidden extras (everything you need to obtain your medical marijuana card is included in are one low-cost fee), but we have a 100% No-Risk Guarantee.

Our Promise

Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors guarantee to provide all its patients with transparent advice and affordable medical marijuana healthcare services, including step-by-step help obtaining a Florida medical marijuana card.

Our Mission Statement

We are here to provide affordable and respectful medical marijuana services to patients in Florida and allow them to enjoy the full range of medicine to help alleviate their symptoms and suffering.


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