Here are instructions to apply for your medical marijuana card in Florida.The Florida Health Department handles all the applications. They have a website called the medical marijuana use registry and the url is

  1. Check your email:

    - You will receive 2 emails, you need the one with the (no subject) line. In there they provide a temporary password

  2. Copy the current password and click on the blue link

  3. Once you’re on the website click on the blue menu button on the bottom of your screen

  4. Click the login button

  5. Username is your email address

  6. Paste in the password you copied from the email

  7. Click the login button

    - Must be 10 characters

    - Must have at least 1 uppercase letter

    - Must have at least 1 lowercase letters

    - Must have at least 1 number

    - Must have at least 1 special character

  8. Once your password is changed you’re going to click the menu button again and click your card

  9. Click the begin initial application button, then the proceed button

  10. Click the supply a photo button

    - Click the Check my state id photo button

  11. Scroll down to the 'proof of residency' section

    - Click the supply proof button

    - Click the Check state residency status button

  12. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click the apply button in the bottom left

    - Click the Apply button again

  13. Scroll to the ‘signature’ section and type in your first and last name where it tells you to type in your first and last name.


  15. Click the submit button

    - Click the Close button

  16. Now scroll down to the ‘payment record’ section

    - Click the click here to pay online button to pay the $77.75 state fee

  17. Switch from bank account to credit card tab.

  18. Make payment

  19. Put in your email to receive confirmation

Once you receive your confirmation page you’re all done!

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