How do you qualify for a medical marijuana card?

To be approved for medical marijuana and low THC Cannabis to treat your symptoms from qualifying conditions in Florida there are a few things that you need to have or do.

The Florida health department regulates and oversees this. They have a website online called the Medical Marijuana Use Registry for registrations and a knowledge base called know the facts. You can find the links in the reference section at the bottom of this page.

Florida made it legal to use medical marijuana in 2016 and the law went into effect Jan. 3 2017.

Since then a large number of patients have registered and are using medical marijuana and low THC cannabis to help treat symptoms that qualify, they are listed and explained in more detail below.

1. Be 18 years of age or older or have a guardian/caretaker that is over 21 assists you in getting your medical card.

If you are under 18, you must have a patient caregiver or guardian. You must be diagnosed with a qualifying condition by one doctor and recommended for medical marijuana by another. The doctor that recommends the person that is under 18 must also be a Medical Marijuana Use Registry qualified licensed physician.

2. Be A Seasonal Or Permanent Resident

Permanent Residents Need:

If you are permanently residing here in beautiful and sunny Florida bring your Florida driver’s license or State Identification Card.

Seasonal Residents Are Eligible Too.

If you do not have a Florida Driver’s license or identification card, the patient is required to provide two forms of proof of residency. They are listed below.
You can use a deed, monthly mortgage statement, your mortgage, a mortgage payment booklet, or also a residential rental lease agreement.
One proof of residency from the person that you live with that resides in Florida. The resident just needs to send a statement confirming that you leave with them.

3. Be Diagnosed With A Qualifying Medical Condition

Medical marijuana prevents and diminishes symptoms that occur from different classifications of medical conditions. In Florida, you can use medical marijuana legally for the treatment of the conditions listed and in the illustration below.

PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
MS(Multiple Sclerosis)


ALS(Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
Health Conditions Of the same type and/or class
Terminal Illness

Chronic Pain Due To A Qualifying Condition

4.Schedule Your Visit With A Licensed Doctor

To be eligible in Florida to use medical marijuana as a treatment legally, you need to be recommended by a doctor that is licensed with the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry. To find the best-certified physician, go online and choose a doctor that best fits your needs. Check pricing, availability, wait times, and office hours to make sure the office fits your needs.

Remember it takes 7 to 14 days to get approved if you use the online registration system, 30 days if you mail it in.

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5. Be Recommended And Have Your Application Submitted By The Physician.

After the doctor sees you and recommends the medical use of marijuana, they will submit your application to the Florida Department of health. When they submit your application they will also submit your prescriptions.

Talk to the doctor about what the dosing they are prescribing you. Sometimes doctors prescribe the wrong amount since this is all new to you and them. This is not ideal, you might have to come in for another visit to have your prescription refilled too soon.

Once the application is submitted the dr will receive your registration number.

Make sure you ask the staff at the office for your OMMU registration and write it down. After the state receives the application from them you will get an email sent to your email address from the registry with the next steps. The email should hit your inbox within a few hours after the doctor submits your application to the state.

6.Finish Your Application With The State

After a couple of hours, you will receive your application email, you may have to check your spam/junk folder, open the link and enter your identification or telephone number. On the following pages, you will answer more questions. It’s pretty straightforward and if you require assistance and are a patient of our practice, please call us and one of our representatives be able to assist.

Following the questions will be the payment page.

7. Pay The State Fee

You are required to pay a registration fee to the state every year. The fee as of the time of writing this article it is $70. After your payment is processed you are all set and will receive your card in the mail within the next 7-14 days. If you mailed in the application it will take up to 30 days.

8. Be Approved And Receive Your Card

After the state says you qualify for a medical card they will send the card to you. You will receive an approval email stating that you were approved and are ready to purchase medical marijuana.

As soon as you get the approval email you can go to the dispensary and get your prescription filled.

It is beneficial to go to and try out products from each dispensary. Every dispensary has its own line of products with different levels of THC and CBDs as well as many different forms, from topicals to edibles.

Each dispensary has great deals for new customers. If you look carefully they also run specials all the time.

There are many forms of medical cannabis and Low-THC Cannabis. The dispensaries have tons of information online about their products and how they help each condition. Look up what kind you would want and what is generally recommended for your condition.

If you need more help here are some more frequently asked questions.

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