Blunts vs Joints Pros & Cons: The Ultimate Guide

Hello and welcome. Today we are going to dive into a major topic of debate in the marijuana world. Blunts or joints. For as long as weed has been smoked people have been rolling it up and smoking it.

Two of the major ways to do this is to either smoke a joint or a blunt. Which is better, it really comes down to preference. In this article we will go deep into what they are, what their differences are, what are the pros and cons of the two, what they are made of and more.

What is a joint

A joint is a hand rolled cigarette shaped smoking device with ground flower inside. They come in many shapes and sizes. They are always cylindrical obviously but some people like them to be rolled in all different variations of cones.

Thinking about trying them out. They can be a little tricky to roll. You are in luck though. Dispensaries sell pre rolls and there are plenty of different types of rolling machines around if you have too much trouble.

Types of rolling papers

Wood pulp

Rice Paper

Flax Paper


Esparto Paper


Unbleached paper


Brands of rolling papers



Zig Zag




Juicy Jay's

Bob Marley Rolling Papers

Differences in rolling papers



Burning speed

Material used to make the paper



Natural or unnatural things used to make the paper

How to roll a joint.

    1. Grind or break up the cannabis.
    2. If you prefer, create a filter or crutch.
    3. Hold the paper between your index finger and thumb.
    4. Put the ground flower in and add the filter.
    5. Pinch and form the joint between your fingers.
    6. Tuck and roll the non-adhesive side of the paper under the cannabis.
    7. Lick the adhesive strip of the rolling paper and seal it.
    8. Pack the end of the joint, if necessary.
    9. Twist or fold closed any excess paper at the tip of your joint.

What is a blunt

A blunt is a larger rolled cigar shaped smoking device with a ground cannabis flower inside of it. For a while blunts were only made from tobacco leaves and papers from cigars but as of late there are many more natural types of wraps made from things like hemp and cellulose. Not to say these are any better for you, there is just not any tobacco or nicotine. Blunts are great to smoke in large groups or in small doses by yourself.

Types of wraps for blunts


Herb wraps

Hemp wraps



Rice paper/wheat

Brands of hemp wraps

Swisher Sweets


Dutch Masters

White Owl

Game (Garcia y Vega)

High Hemp Wraps

Kingpin Hemp Wraps

Zig Zag Wraps


It has been a hot topic among the cannabis industry for years. Joints tend to be smaller and perfect if you are smoking with a friend or by yourself. If you are smoking in a big group you mike want to have a lot of joints or smoke a blunt.

Another difference is thickness of the rolls and wraps. Blunts are thicker so they burn slower while joints are made out of paper and tend to burn more quickly. If you are smoking outside or on a windy day a blunt will be better. Although the wind seems to mess up either.

Blunts and joints are also different to roll. Blunts are bigger and can be a little more challenging but then again some papers for joints are thin and rip or run more easily.

Blunts also always have the chance to contain tobacco joints that are paper and do not.

Pros and Cons of blunts and joints

We are going to go over the pros and cons to maybe help some who are new to smoking cannabis. Always remember it really comes down to personal preference!

Pros of joints

Smoking weed in a joint allows you to taste the marijuana more and it is less harmful to your health. If you do not like to consume large amounts of marijuana and have a lower tolerance, joints will be great.

Cons of joints

Joints are not so great for large groups. They are less potent, make it harder to consume cannabis and could diminish the smoking experience in larger groups.

Joints can be hard to roll since the paper is less durable and they might burn faster too.

Pros of blunts

Blunts on the other hand are more flavorful than joints. They are also larger so they are better if you have a high tolerance or are smoking in a group.

Blunts also have the potential of being more potent since there is much more flower inside them.

Cons of blunts

The cons of blunts are pretty straight forward. They can be harmful to your health and more addicting if they are made from tobacco.

They are also much larger so you might consume too much. There are even some people that think they are way too harsh. The smoke is thicker and milkier.

Alternatives to blunts and joints

1. Vaporizers

2. Bongs

3. Pipes

4. Dab rigs

5. Edibles

6. Tinctures

7. Capsules or pills

8. Topicals (creams, balms, lotions)

9. Sprays

10. Transdermal patches

11. Suppository

No matter which you prefer, a blunt or a joint, they are both very popular methods. Hopefully we covered the factors that separate them enough to help you in making an informed decision about smoking. By looking at the differences and weighing the pros and cons you are prepared to make an informed decision to get you on your way to feeling better and more relaxed.

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